Hyatt centric ginza tokyo

「銀座の中心」として生まれた ハイアットセントリック 銀座 東京

「街の中心」「情報の中心」という意味を持つ、ハイアットのライフスタイルブランド「ハイアットセントリック」。 ラグジュアリーな店舗や老舗が連なる、銀座を代表する通りの一つ、並木通りに2018年1月に開業。

Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo Hyatt's lifestyle brand "Hyatt Centric" has landed in Ginza for the first time in Asia while holding the mottos such as「Center of the City 」and「Center of the insights 」in Tokyo.

伝統を守りながら常に新しいものを寛容に受け入れて進化してきた銀座の街を「縦横無尽に楽しめる抜群のロケーション」「魅力を体感できる空間づくり」がハイアット セントリック 銀座 東京のストロングポイント。

While preserving tradition, the city of Ginza has been evolving by accepting the changes of the modernized society we live in today. Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo's strong points are "Excellent location that you can enjoy a short distance to many key points of the modernized Tokyo" and "Creating a space where you can experience the charm".


Playful artwork and interiors inspired by Ginza history are located throughout the Hyatt Centric Ginza. The history of Ginza being the land where newspapers have been located since the end of the 19th century, letterpress letters and maps of Ginza are lined up as a playful artwork and interiors making it a "shining" spot no matter where you decide to walk through.


There are 164 sophisticated guest rooms. There is no doubt that your body and soul will be healed by the cheerful and friendly hospitality of the staff and the comfort of the guest rooms.

住所 中央区銀座 6-6-7 東京, 日本, 104-0061

電話番号 03 6837 1234


予約 03 6837 1313/ Overseas: +81 3 6837 1313

Address: Ginza, Chuo-ku 6-6-7 Tokyo, Japan, 104-0061

Phone Number: 03 6837 1234 R

eservation Information: 03 6837 1313/ Overseas: +81 3 6837 1313