THE SCENE Hamanako


THE SCENE Hamanakoは、2020年12月にオープンしたばかりのリゾートホテル。

その名の通り美しく雄大な浜名湖のすぐ側にあり、おはようからおやすみまで愛犬と共に楽しめる。 ワンちゃんの為の工夫と想いの込められた客室は、スタンダードからスイートまで4種類16室。愛犬やご家族の数に合わせたプラン作りが可能。

THE SCENE Hamanako is a resort hotel that just opened in December 2020. As the name suggests, it is right by the beautiful and magnificent Lake Hamana, which you can now enjoy with your dog from morning to night. There are 16 guest rooms of 4 types, which are standard to suite that are designed as pet friendly style. You can make a room plan according to the number of pet dogs and family members.


Rich dog content!

ドッグランにはインサイドとアウトサイドの2種類があり天候を気にせずのびのびと楽しめる仕様。お散歩好きのワンちゃんにはドッグラン付きの部屋をセレクトしてみては。 ビーチサイドや竹の回廊をお散歩するのもオススメ! その他、愛犬のための「ドッグキッチン」や、外で汚れても心配のない「セルフグルーミングルーム」など細やかなケアができるコンテンツがたくさん! もちろん「スパ」や「酸素カプセル」「バーラウンジ」などオーナーの楽しめる場所もご用意。 愛犬と一緒に、浜名湖を一望できる癒しのリゾート空間をぜひ楽しんで!

There are two types of dog run paths, inside and outside which can be enjoyed freely without worrying about the weather. For dogs who love to walk around, we suggest choosing a room with a dog run section. We also recommend taking a walk along the beachside or the bamboo corridor for a little outside adventure.

In addition, there are several contents that can be used for pet care. Features such as "dog kitchen" and a "self-grooming room" are available for your dog so you don't have to worry if your pets get dirty outside. Of course, there are also places for owners to enjoy, such as "spa", "oxygen capsule" and "bar lounge". Enjoy the healing resort space by the beautiful Lake Hamana with your dog!

詳細は THE SCENE Hamanako公式ホームページまで

〒431-1402 静岡県浜松市北区三ケ日町都筑597-4

TEL 03-6822-7022 (予約受付 09:00 ~ 18:00)

Information: THE SCENE Hamanako official homepage 〒431-1402 Tsuzuki, Mikkabi-cho, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka 597-4 Phone Number: 03-6822-7022 (Reservation Reception 9: 00 am - 6: 00 pm)

Ubuginu Shrine


Ubuginu Shrine is located in Mikkabi town, Hamamatsu City. This Shrine has worshipped by people involved clothes because it worships the weaving god.



〒431-1415 浜松市北区三ヶ日町岡本696